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Chateau Saint Cosme 2017 Gigondas Pack

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We held back a bit of last year's release to be able to start some small vertical packs. Includes two consecutive vintages of Gigondas and a limited release bottle of the single vineyard "Les Claux". Save 10% purchasing these wines as a bundle.

Gigondas 2016 $66.99

Gigondas 2017 $69.99

Gigondas "Les Claux "2017 $174.99

2017 Vintage

In 2017, ripening progressed in a fairly unusual way: you would have thought that it would be an early-ripening year, but not at all. When vines lack a little water, they start to slow down to protect their fruit which can be likened to children, toadd a ‘human’ touch – and to protect themselves. So we harvested in October as usual. Vines regulate the excesses of the vintage, they regulate themselves, and they regulate the ripeness of their fruit – all of which has always troubled me. It’s as if, like the good mothers they are, they could understand what the wine grower expects of them.

Les Claux Vineyard

What if Claux were Saint Cosme’s finest wine? Our latest tasting of mature wines at the estate certainly warrants the question. Admittedly, Le Claux is the oldest vineyard at Saint Cosme and one of the first post-phylloxera plantings in France, but why does this soil produce such high quality? We are touching upon the most fascinating aspect of our profession: accepting that we can observe things, but are at a loss to explain them. Having said that, the microclimate at Saint Cosme probably has a significant impact on this site: the cool airflow from the small Font des Papes valley constantly cools the area, yielding intensely aromatic fruit. The fact that Le Claux is our last vineyard to ripen tends to substantiate the influence of the cold. We almost always finish harvesting at Le Claux. The grapes therefore ripen slowly, as for many top wines... This reminds me of something my father said to me one day, when I was performing a task badly because I was in too much of a rush: “If you want to move fast, slow down”.
Peat, oriental spices, camphor, truffle
Bottled without filtration.

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