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Field Blend at 40th Street Theatre July 26th

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All Tickets are digital, you will be checked in at the event.


7:00 Doors Open

7:00ish DJ Begins, Wine Stations Open

7:00-10:00 Wine Tasting 

10:00ish David Nance Group

11:30ish Last Call


12:00 After Party at Mister Toad


Field Blend was developed to provide a format to bring together members of Omaha’s arts, entertainment, and hospitality industries. In winemaking, the term Field Blend refers to a wine made of many different varietals. Every vintage may provide conditions to emphasize certain grapes, but never should one overshadow the others. 

With an ideal template for collaboration in mind, we assembled the players for our first event.

On Friday, July 26th we invite you to join us for a truly unique evening at the historic 40th Street Theatre. Included with the ticket will be a wine tasting showcasing the wines represented by our guest of honor, Greg Powell, who is visiting on behalf of the legendary wine importer, Kermit Lynch. In support of the vinous festivities, we will have a wide array of wines from Kermit Lynch Imports available to purchase at retail price, to be enjoyed through the evening inside, or out in the wine garden in the center of the 40th Street Theatre.

We connected with two distinct music acts to provide entertainment for the evening. Mike Marasco, who has sifted through thousands of crates of records during his time at Antiquarium Records and Almost Music, will be DJing through the evening. Once we’ve reached peak hours, every square inch of the 40th Street Theatre will quiver from the wall of sound brought by Omaha’s David Nance Group.

A party without delicious food being served is a travesty. We reached out to some old friends, both known for their ability to deliver endless creativity and measured consistency in their work. Chef Nick Strawhecker’s West Omaha restaurant, Dante, has maintained an eagerness to outdo its accomplishments and retain a youthful vibrancy into its tenth year of operations. Certainly, by now the place is an Omaha institution, gladly joined by its shining new sister restaurant, Forno. Taking a regional departure from the more classic Italian cuisine served at Dante in West Omaha, Forno’s lively Blackstone location features wood-fired cuisine, spun into a communal dining experience featuring Tigelle, a delightful Modense crumpet cousin. Providing sweets and further refreshments for the evening is Ellie Pegler, whose 30th & Leavenworth bakery, Farine+Four, has likely provided the most memorable chocolate, pastry, or bread you’ve had in Omaha over the past couple of years.

As we’ve imagined the evening, you’ll join us sometime between 7:00 pm and 12:00 am, check in, and make your way into the first room to try over a dozen wines from Kermit Lynch Imports. It’s likely you’ve found something you enjoy there, so make your way to the bottle counter, where we can open something for you to take to the wine garden to enjoy with your friends. As your appetite sets in, head to the Dante Inferno outside for pizza or tigelle. Complete your meal with delightful, cold sorbetto from Farine+Four. As the evening rolls on, we will have music to enjoy, plenty of wine available for purchase, and a ton of revelry to share.

Join us on the 26th for the first of many exciting collaborative events from our favorite local figures!

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