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Pierre Peters Cuvee de Reserve Blancs de Blanc Grand Cru

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c___©pageð___100% Chardonnay

assemblageð___2014 base with 88, 90, 93 and 95 through 2013,ð___except 99 and 03 = 21 vintages

info/sourceð___C____te des Blancs Grand Cru

maloð___yes, 85%

___©levageð___Stainless steel, oak cask and concrete on fine lees

sur latteð___24+ months

Based on 2014, it has a riotously attractive aroma and a richer, more patisserie palate; napped with Satsuma marmalade; more exotic, with a clinging brown-butter finish. I think the _____åaverage drinker,____? (whoever that person is_____) will like it even more. P___©ters does the _____åperpetual reserve____? with his NV, which means that the current wine is 50% of (the latest vintage) and 50% the previous blend, so today______s wine is half-2014 and half last year______s wine, which was half-2013 and half the previous year______s wine. The wisdom of this approach is manifest and tangible; it assures _____åhouse style____? without creating uniformity, because vintages differ. Rodolphe continues to clarify his preferences the longer we know each other. For example, he hates the _____åquince____? flavor and wants it nowhere near his wines. And he______s suspicious of the _____åsaffron____? descriptor because, he says, it results from botrytis, and he prefers his wine from pristine fruit. _____¬Terry Theise

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